Sheba Kitten Chicken Premium Loaf

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Country of Origin – Thailand
Brand – Sheba
Flavour – Chicken
Protein – 6.5 %
Fat – 0.4 %
Moisture – 89 %
Fiber – 1 %
Breed – Persian, Cat
Age – 1 year or less

Sheba Kitten Chicken Premium Loaf – (Pouch) is designed as a complement food to your cat’s complete and balanced diet. It contains essential vitamins and minerals, so this premium palate for your cat delivers a mouth-watering feast, without compromising on the goodness. Give your furry friend the satisfying taste of premium cat food and watch them finish the whole loaf!

  • Tender delicious chicken with tuna in gravy flavour i.e. high in protein
  • Designed as a complement to your cat’s complete and balanced diet
  • Quality meal that provides a tantalizing texture
  • Comes in an easier to chew loaf format
Weight70 g


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