Whiskas – Chicken In Gravy – Wet Food For Kitten

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Whiskas Chicken in Gravy is a balanced wet kitten food recipe that provides moisture and nourishment for a healthy, active and growing kitten that requires specific care and nutrition. Whiskas kitten food in Chicken and Gravy comprises of flavorful chicken chunks in an appetising gravy packed with high-quality protein and essential nutrients. The gravy format is easy to digest for kittens and also promotes urinary tract health because of its high moisture content. This kitten food is also packed with a combination of Zinc and Omega 6 fatty acids that will support your kitten’s coat, promoting its health and shine. Whiskas gravy texture and aroma appeals to the feline palate and attracts even fussy eaters!

You may adore your kitten’s beautiful skin and coat, but did you know that it is also one of the best indicators of their nutrition & well-being? WHISKAS wet kitten food contains a unique patent-protected combination of Zinc and Omega 6 fatty acids to improve your kitten’s skin and coat.

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